Version 0.8.0 - June 20th 2018

Another major release after 4 long full weeks of work on Feedier ✌️Another 61 tasks done, here are the most important ones:

  • Conditions support for the questions, you can now choose to display your question according to the previous questions' answers 🙌 You can also add multiple conditions to the same question.

  • Carrier creation bot (beta) 🤖, simply describe your needs, Feedier will take care of the rest and create the perfect Feedback Carrier for you (all the questions, ratings…). As of right now, we’re still in beta and the process takes a couple hours as we prefer to double check.

  • New Feedback Carrier → Settings page, you have now access to a live preview of the Carrier’s branding right from this page. We deleted all useless buttons to get a much simpler layout. No more issue trying to find which button to click.

  • We removed the obligation to have ratings defined for your Carrier. You need at least one question or at least one rating. But you can definitely have questions only. It will work fine 👍.

  • Feedier’s version is now available in the dashboard’s footer, easier to troubleshoot issues; and links directly to the Changelog page to see any new feature.

  • We deeply improved the mobile version of the Feedback side to give your customers a better experience.

  • We added the ability to change your Feedback carrier’s link so you can customize it to match your products.

  • You can now preview single questions right before creating them so you have a perfect match with your expectations.

  • Support for CNAME mapping, every Feedback carrier can be reached from a subdomain and therefore, you can use your own domain. Get in touch with us if you want to give it a go 😅, our team will be happy to help.

  • We added a notice regarding the use of “cookies” on the Feedier service in order to respect the EU laws.

  • The in-site widget and PDF print material now support French translations.

  • Fixed several issues on the Reports page but also improved the performances on this page ⚡️.

  • We improved the sharing email, fully customizable on your site, it’ll come with the same cover you defined for the web interface (supporting cover image, logo, color, opacity…)

What’s coming next?

  • We will add a Youtube engagement.

  • Question, rating, reward and engagement ownership within your team so you know which team member did the changes.

  • A Feedier blog will be created to find everything about customer feedback in one place.

  • New in-site widget to be able to leave a feedback without having to exit your website.

  • Gify integration in the Feedier text editor.




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