Version 1.0.0 - July 12th 2018

Finally, here we are, we are proud to release Feedier version 1.0.0!


After 3 major updates in the last 3 weeks we decided it was the right time to reach this important milestone. We received tons of interesting feedback and this release brings the most important ones. But not only. New features from our team, improvements and fixes through 30 tasks, featuring:

  • Widget V2. What does that mean? 🤔We added new attributes to customize the widget on your site (offset X and Y, custom content…) but most importantly, the user can now give his Feedback within your site as an “in-site“ experience. No more redirection. We also added a Full Screen option to make the experience even better.

  • New layout for the sharing page, we deleted everything and restarted to make it more clear and easy to navigate through. You now simply select the sharing method, Feedier will show you an overview and guide you through the different steps. Easy 🤝

  • We decreased the response time by 50% on the dashboard side 😱!! Which will make you Feedier experience way better ⚡⚡⚡. No more endless (well at least slow) loading. We are working hard to make it even better…

  • New button to delete any Feedback (from the Feedback entries page), so you can remove your tests from your real data.

  • New option to choose which notification you want to receive, available from the Profile page.

  • New Feedback Carrier score widget, works exactly as our organization score widget but it’s based on the Feedback Carrier’s data only. So perfect for your product / site pages.

  • New info modals, available for the filters, questions, ratings, engagements and questions those new modals will show you the author, creation date and last edit date (for now). We believe this is essential for any team collaboration

  • The Feedback API now returns the answers as a “question/rating“ => “value“ unique key pairs so they can be easily read in Zapier. But also the custom fields so you can segment easily automatically on your side 😎

  • We added a preview for every question, engagement or reward type so you know what you will expect before creating it. It’ll make your life easier and avoid you the process of testing everything before making a call.

  • Notifications are now fixed, some users were receiving them even though it was off from their Profile page. Shame. Sorry about that. This is fixed.

  • We improved the email images so they load faster and we also now generate 1 unique image (thumbnail) per carrier which is branded to your company automatically. It will be displayed when the link is shared on any social network.

  • We fixed all issues to the teammate creation ($carrierId missing message).

  • We improved the Feedback Carrier creation UX to make it faster, no more error and a new navigation to get back at any step.

  • The errors (yes, it happens…) are now more clear.

  • The email deliverability for Feedback Carriers using custom domains have been improved so the emails won’t end up in the SPAM inbox 📭

  • Croatian translation 🇭🇷(thanks to @Miljenko)

  • Indonesian translation 🇮🇩(thanks to @anjrah ari susanto)

  • Many improvements to the English, Portuguese and German versions as well.

  • We improved the responsive version, again… 😶


What’s coming next (and soon!)?

  • Image choice question type

  • Transitional question type

  • New sharing methods (QR code and iframe)


– The Feedier team


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