Version 1.1.0 - July 19th 2018

Another week has gone since the last release post and yet here we are… Another major release for Feedier 👀Yes, it fast. Well, we’re slowing down a little bit for the summer, we’ll release only minor releases for the next 4 weeks. Summer when you hold us… ☀️But, will be back for some new adventures (and major releases of course) by the end of August. This update covers 17 issues, including:

  • New push API available and documented here ➡️. This will let your developers push feedback text SMS and Email whenever you want to the target you provide. If you are not a developer but still want to build amazing integrations and workflows. We released a 1.0.3 version of our Zapier app that lets you use this API from Zapier directly. For example: new order completed on Magento → push an email to the customer. Automatically. With your own content.

You can find all details in our help center for this integration.

  • New image choice question type. Many users asked it and we did it! A simple to use and beautiful question type to let the user choose between several images that you upload. The goal is to let you create more interactive questions. 🤙

  • New support for Google Analytics tracking right into your Feedback Carrier. This option has been added into the Advanced setting and lets you input your tracking ID. An event will also be sent at the end once the Feedback is completed. Note that this is available only for the App Sumo and Enterprise plans for now. More details here.

  • The official Feedier WordPress plugin (1.1.0) is now available from your Integrations page. Only for users having early access, it’ll be available for all users after the summer. We have some exciting new features coming soon for it. Note that we also added support for WooCommerce, more settings and a live preview in the same update.

  • New Content editor option (again, from the Advanced settings) that lets you override most Feedier strings displayed to the end-user. You need the App Sumo or Enterprise plan to see this feature. All details here.

  • New SMTP Integration ✉️ from the Integrations page. You can now use your own SMTP settings to send Feedier emails (share and reward email types, the ones sent to your customers). No more headache, no more quota. This will also removes Feedier’s branding on the emails.

  • We added 3 new templates 👨‍🍳Consultancy Service Feedback, Ecommerce Satisfaction and Market research to get you started even faster.

  • New option to define your own Privacy page (available from the Advanced settings of every Feedback Carrier).

  • New sharing method → “Iframe” available from the Sharing page. As you can imagine, we give you a ready-to-use embeddable code that you can simply copy/past.

  • is now available as a rating platform for the 5-star engagement

  • We fixed the insight graph not being rendered on the Reports page for some users.

  • We fixed the highlight weekly/monthly reports being sent several times every week for some users.


What’s coming next (and soon!)?

  • Transitional question type

  • New sharing methods (QR code and iframe)


– The Feedier team

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