Version 1.1.10 - October 25th, 2018

We are very happy to release today Feedier version 1.1.10 which tackles 24 issues !

Here is a short list of the super-important things released in the release:

  • Large improvements on the Client role. There are now two client roles → one with view-only and the other one with view + edit to the specified carriers .

  • We added Feedback Carriers groups. You can use this brand new feature to group and organize your Feedback Carriers as you wish. No more mess. Also, you can make them public to have one specific page per category.

  • Every Feedback has now its own dedicated page. So user can come back and interact with the available engagements left.

  • We added a new endpoint /filters in our API and new arguments to the /feedbacks → carrier_ids, filter_id and ids.

  • Transition question types now support videos for more interactivity!

  • SMS sharing now support custom domains.

  • All templates now contain Engagements and Rewards setup for you. However, those require additional configuration to answer your unique and specific needs.

  • All steppers (in the Feedback Carrier edit screens) now support shortcut to go the next step ( SHIFT + ENTER).

  • We improved our text editor to escape <div> tags.

  • We improved the SMTP checks so it doesn’t block your integrations page if something is wrong.

  • We fixed the missing countries on the single Feedback report. Now get the back!

– The Feedier team


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