Version 1.1.20 - January 18th, 2018

Welcome to Feedier version 1.1.20 fixing 25 issues
With some exciting news! Most important changes are:

  • We changed our pricing plans, Feedier can now be used for Free:

    • Essentials: For any individual or organization who aims to better understand its users/customers/community through complete and unique feedback for a given project or service. Unlimited feedback entries, start FREE.

    • Explorer: For any organization who takes customer Feedback seriously. Designed for any team and used on up to 10 product or service through 10 Feedback Carriers → $59/mo or $649/yr.

    • Prestige: For any medium or large company to collect Feedback on up to 40 different product or services. Custom settings, SMS quota, more filters, bigger team and more! →$199/mo or $2189/yr.
      This does not impact any existing user

  • The push report has been improved and now contains useful ratios like the sent/clicked ratio for the SMS and email pushes.

  • We fixed the broken custom strings editor.

  • We fixed the Tag creation issue on the single Feedback report.

  • We fixed the broken Active / Inactive toggle on the Carrier pages.

  • All select inputs with long lists are now searchable so you save time when looking for a value.

  • File upload question type is now working on custom domains.

– The Feedier team

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