Version 1.1.22 - January 30th, 2019

Here is Feedier version 1.1.22 What’s new this week? Quite a lot actually, 17 tasks handled by our team with some cool highlights:

  • We introduced support for Questions and Ratings but also and/or logic in the filters to make them even more powerful!

  • The Feedier Dashboard is will now show your name on the top right side with a better profile link in the sidebar, ‘cause we’re human after all

  • Reports can now be filtered using custom date ranges. Your choice. The old options are still available.

  • The Rewards page listing has been improved, the reward status has been added.

  • The graphics inside the Reports page has been improved, they’re now filterable to get a cleaner and more understandable output.

  • We improved the overall submit buttons UI throughout the Dashboard.

  • The Question conditions have been moved from the Third Step of every question to the dropdown in the listing screen → easier to use.

  • We fixed some annoying issue on Safari and the sub pages.

We plan to release a new Affiliate program next week as long as a new shiny design update for our Dashboard.

– The Feedier team


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