Version 1.1.23 - February 7th, 2019

Second month of 2019 and here we are, 5th release of the year → Feedier 1.1.23 with some super cool features! 34 tasks were handled, most important changes are:

  • We changed our Affiliate program! Brand new one, very simple, very easy to use. Same page as before (right menu → Referral). Get 1 Free Feedback Carrier every 4 users registered with your link

  • We added Feedback Carrier Email templates to let you customize any email’s content and subject from your Feedback Carrier settings. The share email is available for all accounts, the other ones are available for the Prestige plan only. This also replaces the existing Follow-up email fields in the advanced settings and Sharing email content when sending an email campaign.

  • The un-editable voucher reward’s limits are now fixed and can be re-edited.

  • We fixed the NPS question type when being edited. Some customers had troubles, it’s all fixed now.

  • We improved the overall error messages to give more context when something is wrong. Sh*t happens.

  • The custom fields have been moved to their own model → Settings > Actions > Custom Fields. So it’s easier to edit and visualize.

  • The Excel reports in now sent by email so it can support larger data set and be available in your mailbox at anytime.

  • We improved all our email templates to support as best as possible your logo’s ratio.

  • The team page has been improved to provide more information in a cleaner way.

  • We re-designed the Report Graph to have more contrast and be easier to understand and visualize, because that’s the whole point of a graph right?

– The Feedier Team


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