Version 1.1.27 - March 5th, 2019

Here we go for Feedier version 1.1.27. As usual, or at least we’re trying.. , on Tuesday. This new release contains more than 20 tasks, here is the highlight:

  • Feedback Carrier email templates received, again, a large number of improvements → Recipient selection, Satisfaction ratio selection, custom fields selection when sending a test email.

  • The Engager widget now supports a new data-layout attribute that lets you choose whether it’ll be displayed vertically or horizontally . The new vertical layout was designed to be more discret.

  • Feedier no longer allows email aliases for the Reward email. So a customer cannot try to get a reward by using as many aliases as needed to get his reward.

  • We fixed the issues when editing / creating / deleting custom fields from the Feedback Carrier’s Settings.

  • The Follow up email has now been fixed. So any Feedback having un-clicked engagements will receive one, and only one Follow up email if the content has been set.

  • There was some missing Ratings on the Report Ratings export, it’s no longer the case. All in one place.

  • The question answers report graph has been improved as well with a new scale that lets you better visualize the data.

  • We deeply improved the way Ratings & Questions are ordered on the Dashboard, so you no longer have saving issues.

  • The engagement type link now supports: mailto:, slack:, skype:, tel: protocols for more fancy integrations

– The Feedier team

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