Version 1.2.0 - April 10th, 2019

Oh! Did we miss one? Yes, after 30 releases in the past weeks. We took one extra week to get ready for Feedier 1.2.0 This major update wraps 20 tasks. Marking a new milestone in Feedier’s short history. Including some major changes:

  • New Live Preview and way to edit/create elements on Feedier It’s off by default (for now) but you can trigger it by clicking the “Preview“ button of every single Feedback Carrier. This will show you a dynamic live version of your Feedback Carrier. All edit/creation actions now happen in a modal. Same elements, just different workflow.

  • We added a unique and new Offline mode for the Station mode You need to reach our team to enable it. So you can easily collect Feedback from any place, without the internet and directly from a tablet. Once you’re done, we created a sync page that you can use to send your Feedback entries to Feedier.

  • We updated the Feedier website with a new header on all pages, time for a change!

  • The mobile version got 3 discrete improvements: better support for NPS questions on small devices, a better spacing on the Engagements (after the reward) screen. Last but not least, we fixed the Slider question which was super hard to drag on a touch device.

  • We improved the flow graph by making more clear → You can now get a preview of every condition by simply hovering it. Easy.

  • The support page is now fixed. There used to be a broken button.

  • The invoices got re-designed to match the global Feedier style. Adding more clarity and touch on details.


– The Feedier team

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