Version 1.2.2 - April 25th, 2019

Welcome to Feedier version 1.2.2, this release is coming along 18 tasks closed by our team and some interesting changes to improve your Feedback workflow Here are the most important changes:

  • 6 new templates are now available when creating a new Feedback Carrier

  • The Live preview is now open by default on any Feedback Carrier when editing its content.

  • We created a new page to make the translations easier to manage and update. So Feedier can support as many languages as available on our planet

  • The push API now supports a custom_fields parameter in the POST request. This parameter must be a JSON object of field → value. If the fields provided does not exist, they’ll be attached to the Feedback nevertheless.

  • We improved the reset password workflow from your profile page.

  • The condition’s creation form now supports the Smiley question type.

  • As of this version, any GET parameter passed along the Feedback Carrier URL will be attached as a custom field. So if you add ?foo=bar at the end of your URL. Feedier will create a custom field foo and attach the value bar to it.

  • The PDF all-in-one report received a lot of improvements including better pagination, smileys support and better rating stats.

– The Feedier team

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