Version 1.2.9 - June 18, 2019

Oh! It’s been two weeks already… What have you guys been doing? Let us explain. Two things: minor releases, 3 of them. And our dev team was also taking some rest

Here we go, welcome version 1.2.9 of Feedier. That update is quite significant and introduce new exciting features to Feedier. It wraps up 26 tasks . We can note the following important changes:

  • New Benchmark tool on the Reports (Prestige accounts only. To compare your Feedback entries segmented using Dynamic filters and Custom fields. The reports data will be using the Feedback entries matching your dynamic filters or custom fields. You will see the differences between the datasets on the reports that support it.

  • New Ratings map report to visually see the ratings score on a horizontal bar chart. With a computed average of all ratings and every single rating independently.

  • On mobile devices, you can now swipe left and right to navigate through the different questions.

  • We added “Push sent“ and “Push clicked“ datasets on the Activity report So you can visualize the response rate over time.

  • We improved the single Feedback report with a new design on the clickable elements (navigation arrows and tags), plus a re-design of the custom fields listing.

  • Videos are now supported in the rating and question descriptions.

  • New Loading experience Every list/page now has its own loader which mean that if an element is loading, you can still use the rest of the elements.

  • New follow_up parameter on the Push requests (and option in the Dashboard), that’ll re-send the request 72 hours later if not clicked on the first push request.

  • We updated the design of the “Gamification“ features on the Feedback side, so they’re all similar (podium and bottom right encouragement alerts).

  • We improved the live preview to faster reflect the changes you make on the branding elements.

– The Feedier Team

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