Version 1.2.12 - July 10th, 2019

Wow! We missed Tuesday, didn’t we? Well, let us explain, we did 5 minor releases last week and this week’s main release: Feedier 1.2.12, is coming with 28 tasks Let’s go through the main changes:

  • New order option for your reports. Re-order the reports the way you prefer. Easy peasy. There is a new “Edit“ button that let you simply drag & drop any report.

  • New “Logo buffer“ option. So you can have any logo stand out and look good on your forms. This option is available from the Settings > Branding tab.

  • New “Need Help?“ page to replace the old Support page. We added 2 new ways to contact our support team → Phone and Live chat so we can provide a better experience. You will also find a direct link to a Feedier form to give your Feedback on Feedier

  • We improved the Push report on the Reports page to show the click delivery rate in % so it makes more sense.

  • Multiple improvements on the overall Dashboard experience → Forms are easier to create and appear right after signup. Same for the Dynamic Filters.

  • We improved the Testimonials widget on mobile devices.

  • You will now see the Feedback received in real-time in your Feedier Dashboard (from the Tab name) → (1) Reports - Feedier Dashboard

  • NPS questions now start from 0 and not 1.

  • We fixed multiple issues on the PDF exports → Summary and Reports.

– The Feedier team

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