Version 1.2.15 - July 30th, 2019

Yes, you already know the lyrics, another week and…. another release That release comes after 5 minor patches from our dev team. Nevertheless, it contains 20 tasks. YAY. Here is what Feedier 1.2.15 will change for you:

  • The Feedback carrier cover image’s position can now be moved from the Branding tab . You can choose its final position to get the best design as possible, easily.

  • Custom domains will now be active and enabled much faster (less than 3 minutes).

  • We fixed an issue when the ?email param was not attached to the Feedback. Or, sometimes blocking the “Reward“ button.

  • We removed the “Unsubscribe“ button from our email provider on all Feedier emails, it’s no included in the email body. More subtle, better design

  • Most emails have been updated with more interesting content so you don’t fill your email inbox with uninterested/relevant emails.

  • The Benchmark tool has been improved, when benchmarking custom fields, Feedier will retrieve the existing values making your job easier. Faster and less human errors

  • We added a “Test link“ in the “Sharing” Feedback Carrier page so that you can test your form on the go.

  • We changed our Affiliate modal so it makes more sense to you. New design, new content.

  • The ratings map now supports 3 sorting options → ratings low, ratings high, alphabetically, displayed order.

  • We improved the Offline mode, again. It’s now fully operational. Contact us for more details.


– The Feedier team

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