Version 1.3.3 - September 4th, 2019

Time flies. Already September and here is Feedier version 1.3.3, coming out with a 1-day delay due to our team spending more time testing new features. Which is not a bad idea. This release covers no less than 27 tasks, including:

  • Internet explorer support down to IE9. It will work for both the Dashboard and the form side.

  • The Engager widget tab has been re-designed with a live preview and we added two new attributes: data-skip-intro and data-init.

  • We replaced all in-app tutorials with fresh new videos → Faster and way more clear

  • 10 feature presentation boxes have been in the app to explain clearly: ratings, segments, rewards, engagements, custom fields, authentication… A lot of explanations in the Dashboard have been updated.

  • The URL Settings tab has been re-designed with more details.

  • We improved the Images question type to better support large images.

  • We fixed a bug with the custom fields where they were not displayed if there was a reward and they were displayed but not required

  • 10+ bugs have been fixed in that release.

What’s coming next week (Feedier 1.4.0):

  • Better Slack integration

  • Mailchimp integration

  • Question sections

– The Feedier team

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