Version 1.4.5 - November 13th, 2019

Dashboard Duty.
On the back of a week of testing, we’ve now resumed normality with the latest release.
Our biggest change this week is the new-look Feedback Carrier page.

  • The new editor layout is aimed at giving you a better sense that you’re in the editing environment of your Carrier, and all the other features melt away - until you’re ready to use them!

  • Not sure what question to start with? Now we save the state in question setup so you can switch between different types and preview how your question will look.

  • We’ve made it much easier for you to hide/show questions, with one click adjustments whilst the preview is on or off.

  • We’ve done a couple of minor tweaks to email notifications and created a single view option to get an enlarged and clearer version of a card in the data insights.

  • Now when you examine your reward and engagement in the preview window, the ability to view is instantaneous in either section, no more having to go through the whole carrier to see how your reward or engagement looks.

  • We’ve also fixed a couple of bugs in the keyword explorer and the Feedback Entries search tool.


– The Feedier team


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