Version 1.4.9 - December 19th 2019

I hope the festive season is treating you well.
Here’s a quick roundup of our latest release, with another mini-release to follow later this week.

  • We’ve made a quite a few minor cosmetic changes on the dashboard such as:
    - Improving the dropdown of Feedback Forms in the data Insights,
    - Changing the name of Feedback Ids to just the number,
    - Cleaning up some validation messages,

  • A loader has been added to the Summary Reports button, so now larger reports can be seen to be downloading

  • We’ve changed the redirection when pressing back in the Summary Reports and when duplicating a form so they go back to the Feedback Form selection screen

  • Paginated the listings in the Feedback Page.

  • Now team owners can be assigned in the individual reports.


  • This week saw a number of bugs exterminated, and closing this loop has been our top priority as we approach the end of this year, with stricter testing and optimisations scheduled.


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