Version 1.4.10 - January 3rd 2020

A Happy New Year to you all.

Our first release of 2020 sees a mini-release with some minor bugs and fixes, along with some Feedier term changes including changing how we now call the first part of every Feedback Form.


  • Changing the term Feedback Carrier → Feedback Form

  • Changing the term Ratings → Satisfaction

  • Speed enhancement when adding Satisfaction + Questions

  • Further Translation of the dashboard into French

  • Engagements are now called Actions - We think this better reflects what you want from your participants.

  • Important Bug fix for Content Editor


Next week we’ll have some larger changes including:
Making Satisfaction a mandatory part of any new Feedback Form
Upgrades to our Points System
Improvements to the Push Table for Emails and SMS
Adding custom environments for certain account creators

– The Feedier team

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