Version 1.6.1 - April 7th 2020

After two huge releases, we’ve taken some time to focus on improvements and fixes, read on below.

Now you can incorporate existing segments into your feedback and result searches across the dashboard.

  • The ability segment has never been more relevant, now you have the option to use existing segments in the Data Insights, Feedbacks Page, and PDF reports in order to browse existing standards.

  • The rating answers can now be multiple-selected and grouped together under one value for ease of use.

  • We’ve added a warning message so if you’re deleting a rating/question with Feedback attached, you’ll be notified.

  • Added validation messages to various locations on the dashboard to make the experience more user friendly.

  • Design tweaks to the ‘By Myself’ feedback form option.

  • Prestige customers now have the ability to anonymise custom fields + emails attached to feedback.

  • New Language file added: UK

  • Improvements to push request logs.

  • Security fixes

  • Bug fixes

Our next update is going to be heavily focusing on some UX improvements, so keep an eye out for these, and let us know what you think!
– The Feedier team

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