Version 1.6.6 - June 12th 2020

Form Version 2.0 is released! Read on to see the rest of the changes we’ve got in this special release.

The new form increases visibility, focuses content, and adds another dynamic level to our form style.
  • We’ve updated the form to bring it into 2020. We’ve gamified the answering of questions by turning the questions into cards that are pulled away on answer.

  • You’ll now find a ‘download’ button in the Responses and Insights pages. This will download your feedback based on the segment’s current selection.

  • The onboarding for new account creators now features the option of selecting a presentation view in order to get you more familiar with the Feedier Form builder.

  • In the insights page, same-name ratings, questions and context fields are now grouped together (based on type) so now you can look at the data all together, and segment the feedback that matters the most to you.

  • We’ve reworked features for different plans, building on the idea of having plans fit under:
    Gamify - Essentials Plan
    Gamify, Engage, Empower - Explorer Plan
    Gamify, Engage, Empower, Collaborate - Prestige Plan

  • Segment search improvements

  • Security improvements

  • Dashboard readability changes

  • Bug fixes


Our next release will be focusing on the insights page - increasing the amount of segments available, adding pagination, showing graphs based on date order and improving the graph labels.

-The Feedier Team


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