Version 1.8.1 - September 17th 2020

The Satisfaction Ratio is one of the most key features in our dashboard and widely used by our customers as it lets you all get a quick snapshot summary of your feedback. Recently, we received a lot of feedback about making improvements to how this is calculated and giving you all more clarity on this.

The Satisfaction Ration calculation now includes the Satisfaction Ratings, NPS, Smiley, Rating slider only and we have removed the text analysis from this calculation. So calculation takes into account the % of the Satisfaction ratings question type plus the % Other question types added together (NPS + Smileys + Ratings Slider) and calculates the median of these two numbers and gives you an overall percentage.

Satisfaction Ratio = (Satisfaction Ratings % ) + (NPS, Smileys, Ratings, Rating Slider % ) Divided by 2

So you end up with the average % which becomes your Satisfaction Ratio.


Another focus for us recently has been improving our PDF reporting. So now the PDF reports are shown in landscape format. You can add notes and annotations to your reports allowing you to personalise them even further and add context specific information.


For all the Microsoft users we also added the ability to login directly via Microsoft Teams


And as usua,l fixing those gritty little bugs to keep Feedier running smoothly.


Team Feedier


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