Version 1.9.0 - 1st December 2020

Since we didn’t do a release last week, we thought we go big in this one !

We have made some massive changes on the dashboard these last 2 weeks and we are excited to share them with you.


Satisfaction Ratings no longer exist!

Satisfaction Ratings has been part of Feedier since we started. It was always our suggested way to start a form by getting a quick snapshot from your participants. Whilst this was a great light way to start a form it wasn’t always the first choice by all our users so we listened and decided to merge this into the question tab with all the other questions types.

You will notice 2 things as you re-enter the form builder

  1. You start the form building process directly in Questions Tab.

2. Your existing satisfaction ratings have been moved to the question tab under a new section label as 'satisfaction ratings'

They have been converted to a Rating Slider Question type and will impact your Satisfaction Ratio the same way as they did before.


At the same time, we have launched 3 NEW Question types !!


Question Type 1 - RATINGS TABLE:

Similar to the older Satisfaction Ratings, now you can get a snap shot of the multiple ratings but in a table on a single page. As it’s now a question type it can be added anywhere in the form and multiple times if needed.


Add up to to 5 values on each question and get a Ratings Table as shown below:


Question 2 - UPLOAD FILE:

Now you have the ability to ask your user for a file upload instead of an answer. You can choose between Jpeg, PDF, Png, Csv, Doc and many more.



As you may already know, Feedier allows you to add ‘context attributes’ with your feedback to get a deeper insights into each feedback and use them for further analysis later. There were 2 ways of doing this; First automatically, by connecting to your database, customising a link or as part of a email campaign. Secondly this could be done manually where you can simply ask you participants for the necessary information manually in the options tabs. Well now you can ask them directly in the form using this new question type. This could include things such as First Name, Last Name Age, ID, Order no or any other operational data that relates to your business. Allowing you to create customer cohorts, segment your data or use the benchmarking feature based on these context attributes.

When the user completes their feedback form these context attributes will show up in your results as seen below:

Please note: You will still be able to get this information dynamically when you use one of the the automatic methods

We are confident these changes will allow our users to get even closer to the voice of their customers.

Let us know what you think of these changes in the comments below !


-Team Feedier


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