Version 1.9.5 - January 14th 2020

This week we made improvements to the Insights & PDF reports.

We add the ability to Order by the Form Questions order. Normally reports are ordered by latest feedback to show the most current feedback but in the times where you need to see the order by the questions as they appear in the form, now you can with this new feature. The button is located between the Search and View as Button inside the PDF reports and on the Data Insights page.


We also worked on the content editor and have created a cleaner look and a easier way for you to toggle between the secondary languages using a Tabs system.

Also when you have edited a label this will be displayed with highlighted text so you can easily find it next time:


If you are wanting to unassign user stories that you added to a journey and put them back into the list below, now there is an option to easily do that in the story settings > edit dropdown.

As usual we fixed some bugs and delivered on custom requests for our customers.


Team Feedier


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