Version 1.9.6 - January 25th 2020


We are very excited to launch our new Text Analysis feature. Helping our clients get the best insights is always our top priority and today we are taking that one step further with this feature

So what exactly is Text Analysis ?

Technically specially, it an automated process for using natural language processing to extract keywords from your text data in a structured way. What this means for you is the ability to transform this data and discover the emotions and sentiment hidden within into meaningful and actionable information.

How does this work in Feedier ?

The current feature shows you which keywords are most frequently mentioned for each question and give your the overall satisfaction ratio attached to these keywords. This is displayed in 2 views, the default view is the word cloud as shown above or you have the list view. When the key word is clicked you are able to see not the only the total responses where that keyword was mentioned but also a list of the individuals responses to be able to read the response in an instant. Also if there are words that you don’t want to include then you can blacklist them by adding them to the Stopwords list as shown below and only track the keywords relevant to you.


What are the benefits ?

Text Analysis is super useful for large organisations that receive hundreds and thousands of responses but don’t necessarily have the time to sift through each individual feedback and aggregate the insights from it.

Text analysis means you can make better decisions by not just using quantitative data but also from qualitative data too and dig deeper into the emotions underneath the numbers.


Please note: Text Analysis is an advanced feature only available on our new Entreprise Plan 2021 starting from next week, it is on demand as an add on feature. This will be activated for specific organisations by request. For more information please get in touch with our sales team if you are interested at


We also worked on the Ratings Table in the reports section so now the data is visually displayed similar to how they are shown in the form.


Lots of new features are under construction so keep an eye as we have more exciting releases planned for Q1 of 2021



-Team Feedier

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