Version 1.9.21 - 6th May 2021

Lots of new improvements this week. So let’s start with the main ones:


Teams Communications on Individual Feedback just became a lot smarter:

There was always the ability to comments on individual feedback but it was limited. Now we have added 3 new changes to this space to make it easier for team to communicate with each other regarding individual feedbacks.

1.Add longer comments or copy in emails from other communications platform. Don’t worry it will compress to make sure it doesn't take up too much space.

2. Also you can now upload files in the comments section for any important documents related to the feedback.



3. There is a seperate tab that shows you all the status history and changes made for that feedback.

The main goal with each of these improvements is to make is easier for Teams to manage the feedback history in one place.

Text Analysis is now available in the Custom Reports and can be downloaded:

Custom Date Options in the Activity Chart for more flexibility:

This will allow you to customize the date range for specific time periods from 12months to 7 days.

Feedback Download & Individual Reports now includes Resolution Time:

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