Version 1.9.28 - 16th July 2021


New Operational KPI featured has been launched: This week we have added a new and very important feature, called the Operational KPI. Essentially these are 4 boxes on the homepage where you can customise the most important KPIs from your company in one place. As the home page is the first page you see it is important to have your most important metric front of mind for everyone in your organisation.

You have 2 ways of adding in KPIs to these boxes.

  • Question Answer - This is where you select an existing question from your forms and this the main overall metric in the box. This is updated live in real time as you collect more data this metric will also be updated.

  • Manual Input - This is where you can add a custom name and metric into the box by typing it in directly. This is useful if you want to add data from external platforms or company information is not directly linked with Feedier. This is not updated automatically and must be edited as frequently as you would like.

Goal setting for your KPIs: You will notice when adding in a new KPI, in the workflow we ask you to add a target value. This is basically your goal of where you would like the metric to be in x number of days. So imagine your NPS is currently at 65.00 but you company goal is to have this at 85.00 in 90 days. Then you would add in your question that tracks your NPS and then you would add your goal of 85. So every-time you log into the dashboard you will be able to see how your KPI is tracking against the goal you set.


In the future we will add other integrations with third party softwares to be able to pull in all sorted of company KPIs into Feedier. The main goal is to help you correlate how other parts of the business are affected by and/or affect your CX. We know there is a direct connection between how your CX affects your business and vice versa. We want to help you make that link.

Let us know which KPIs you would like to see within Feedier.

Text Analysis Update: The text analysis features shows you the top 10 keywords matched for each question. This is then displayed as visual word clouds as seen below. Now we have tweak the logic to take into account the number of responses that keyword matches to calculate its sizing and this number is alos show beneath the keyword.



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