Version 1.9.30 - 13th August 2021

Multi Push campaigns are now live on Feedier. When sharing a form you have the ability to send them via a Email Campaign. Before with email campaigns you could only schedule 1 individual email in one campaign. Now we have add the ability to send multiple emails within one campaign that are spaced out with specific interval of days in between each email push.


The is useful for many reasons as you can create specific customer touch-points for Feedback collection and have them automated each with different emails content and forms that are sent.

So where in Feedier can you make Email campaigns?

In the Forms section under the share tab as shown below:

How do you can create a new multi push campaign?

Click create new campaign and select the Multi campaign from the toggle option below:

What if you want to skip certain days to avoid sending the campaign?

You can select days in the ‘Days to Skip’ setting so that the campaign


What options are available to customise the campaign ?

You can add unique email content in each email push and even context attributes in the email body. Please note the context attribute need to be added in using the CSV file upload option

Can you send different forms with each email ?

Yes you can select a different form to be sent for each email push so you can collect different feedback that is unique to that touchpoint.

Can you send a follow up email if the respondent doesn't open my email ?

Yes you can enable a follow up to be sent incase the respondent doesn’t click the email and give feedback. You can choose the day interval you want the follow up to be sent and also add a new email body and subject as needed.

How can I choose the interval days between each email push?

Yes bu clicking the edit icon next to the interval days you can select any number of days between 2 email pushes. This will also show you the date that the next email will be sent.

How can I preview my emails before I send them?

You can see all preview on the preview page here, just click the tab for Push 1, 2,3 etc to view the specific email:

What if I want to use the same campaign flow for new recipients ?

You can add new recioents to any existing campaign and they will follow the same flow with the same rules for the emails, forms, interval days etc.

The main purpose is to allow our users to send complex and dedicated email campaigns to make feedback collection on a large scale much easier.

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