Version 1.10 - 9th September 2021

We have a major new update on Feedier dashboard this week !

The first big change is that we have re-named some of our main tabs on the main dashboard panel:

The main reason behind this change is to simplify our dashboard for you. So what are the new names ?

Surveys - Previously known as Form

Segments - Previously known as User Stories

You will also notice a new(kinda) page: Journeys! We have split the customer journey mapping abilities from the Segments page and given it some new life but more on this later.

Also the Insights page is now the first page in this order making it even easier to get right into your data!

Introducing the Journey 2.0 page: The Journey have been updated to show you a more comprehensive customer journey mapping capabilities.

So what’s new ?

The Journey consist of 3 sections:

  1. Touchpoints:

This is a small line of text on the top of the journey to describe what this step is. We have added the ability to edit this text and add in customer text to label each step. So in the example above it’s called the 1 month Survey for Step 1. if you hover over the touchpoint text you will see a small icon that you can press to edit


  1. Sources:


This section is completely new. Here you can add in sources of the Feedback Survey that is sent that particular step. Since we have the multi push email campaign you can add the specific email from that campaign here.

There are a few different source type you can add at the moment:

For each source you can preview the survey that is sent at that specific step:

And if there is a step in your customer journey that is not done via Feedier then you have the manual input option to add this in as well.

3. Segment Results:

This is the segment results that match that specific step so you can see the data for each touchpoint underneath and see how each touchpoint is tracking in real time. You can also click view insights and create PDF reports from this Segment. Please note you will need to create a pre-existing segment on the Segments page before you can add it into a journey.


Thanks -Team Feedier


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