Version 1.10.2 - 30th September 2021

This week we updated some of our existing functionalities and added a few new features.


New Operator ‘contains a response’: When creating conditions logic in the form builder you can now add a new operator called ‘contains a response’. What this operator allows you to do is trigger a question if the user added any response to the last question. If the user does not answer the previous question it will not trigger this operator and will not show the question with this condition added.


Scheduled Pushes shown in the Push listing: A new addition to the Pushes tab in the Insights Page. When you scheduled campaign from inside the Share tab of the form you can see the scheduled campaign for that form in the future. However there was no way earlier to view all your scheduled pushes from all forms in one place. Now you can by clicking ‘Scheduled Campaign List’ in the dropdown in the Push Listing view here:

Then you will be able to see all the scheduled pushes for you Team and the dates for when they will be sent:

MS Teams weekly options: We recently updated our Actions capability for MS Teams by allowing you to add a custom message or a file attached in the alert that will be sent, now we have made another update to this feature by adding the option of sending this alert on a WEEKLY basis.


-Team Feedier

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