Version 1.10.12 - 28th January 2022


This sprint we focused on lots of internal product improvements, getting rid of these guys and some new features improvements too:


Monthly Action Reports: When you have created a Segment ( sub-set of feedback based on specific filters) you have the ability to add an Action such as receiving a alert or Weekly Report. we have now added the ability to have a monthly report as well.


To activate monthly report go to Actions Page > Add New Action and then Choose Subscribe Monthly Report next to the appropriate users email as shown below:


Branded Colours on PDF reports:

Within the Live PDF report feature you have the ability to see your data visualised in different graphics. By default we use the Feedier Primary Colour Purple in the graphs. However if you would like to use your own brands primary colour you can customise this in your report:


This is setup via adding your company primary brand colour in the Organisation Page.

Review Imports via Web Scraping: One of our main goals at Feedier is to allow our customer to collect feedback data from as many different sources as possible such as reviews website. Whilst it was already possible to import reviews via custom integrations on Feedier such a Google Reviews using a quick integration now you can also import review from third party website such as Trustpilot, G2 and many more.

The way we do this is web scrapping. Web scrapping is the process of automatically collecting data and content from a website that is intended for public consumption. This is why it’s a great way to get review data from multiple website without needing to creating any integrations.

Feedier takes your review feedback and automatically convert this into a feedback entry. The web scrapping URL will be visited automatically by Feedier every day at 6:00 AM and feedback data will be imported using the CSS selector set here.

You can do this under Feedback Page > Imports > Web Scraping.


Thanks -Team Feedier





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