Version 1.10.16 - 31st March 2022

This sprint on focus was on how to support teams who join Feedier with a large number of users. As we grow so does our average team size which is why it’s important for us to make sure we make it easy for our clients to get started easily at scale.


Master surveys:
So you have all your users on board but now you need to build surveys in all your teams in one go or maybe certain surveys are standard by the company but need to be used by every team. For examples every team must conduct a monthly NPS. Now instead of creating the same survey in every team. Now you can create one survey in the Primary/HQ team and convert it into a master survey.


What this does is make that survey available to all secondary/sub teams in one go. This means all team have access to this survey in one go and any changes made by the Primary team are changed on all teams.
Even though this is the same survey for all teams, there is one key difference. For the feedback data to be shown in the secondary teams that feedback must have an attribute Team_Name=SecondaryTeamName.

So if you have a Primary team called HQ Team and then you have secondary Teams called Team B, Team C and Team D. Then only the feedback with Team_name=Team+B will be added to Team B’s dashboard. Ofocurse the main HQ team will be able to see all feedback from that survey regardless of which team it also goes to.

The main benefit here is that it allows you to align all teams to measure the same data, speed’s up the survey creation and update process and make it each to benchmark data with one team to another.

To setup a survey as a master survey. Please go to advance setting and click the toogle to convert the survey to a Master Survey.

Ordering Live Reports: We also worked on changes to the Live Reports by adding the ability to order Live Reports using a simple dropdown that let’s you move the graph within a PDF up, down or send to Top or bottom of the page.


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