Version 1.10.17 - 21st April 2022


Order Question New Look: We have improved the design of the Order question type to make it easier to read the report. The order question allows the end user to rank items in order of their preference. However when you have multiple answers this can be tricky to understand. Now with the new design you can clearly see which options were selected as 1st, 2nd, 3rd the most and how many respondents out of the total answers chose that option.




Adding Company Average SR in Geographic Map: When looking in the Geographical Map, there is now a easier way to check your current SR. The colour (Green, Orange, Red) are used to indicate a positive, medium or negative score. We recently updated the logic to use YOUR satisfaction ratio to define how we show these colours. So that’s why it’s important to see your overall company average on this page so you can see how each value differs from the company Average.


Custom SMTP Option:

By default, Feedier takes care of your email delivery when you send a email campaign. However, you can optionally tell Feedier to send mail through any other SMTP server. This ensures all your emails are sent using your own custom STMP server from the provider of your choice.

Benefits of using your own SMTP server:

  • Improved Deliverability & Security

  • Full visibility and access on the archives of specific emails sent

  • Integrated with Feedier Pushes page to measure campaign status as normal

To configure your own SMTP Server:

Go to Organisation Page under the Profile Tab and under SMTP settings and enter all the input with the appropriate fields. Please note; The mail encryption is an optional field.

-Thanks Team Feedier

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