Version 1.10.19 - 27th Jun 2022

This release we have added some new exiciting features !


Rating Table with even more flexiblity:

When creating a Rating Table you have the ability to chnage the max number of Stars. Now you can choose between 4 or 5 stars. Choosing 4 stars can be really useful when you want the respondant to give you positive or negative answer only and not give them the option to choose 3/5 stars.


Master Lock on Questions: When using forms across different teams, you might have questions that are measured across the organisation and are vital to be measured in every form. We have added the ability to lock these questions so they can’t be edited by anyone in the team and must be used in that form. Only the admin have the ability to lock questions using the option below:

Please note: Once a question is locked it can only be unlocked by a Feedier Staff.

New Benchmarking KPI: As you may know we recently released our new Benchmarking feature ( see prevoious release note here:

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Now we are adding another useful KPI ! The Ratings KPI This KPI allows you to use the Benchmarking feature for any Rating Slider or Rating Table question type.

In the same way as the other Benchmarking reports you have 3 graph type to choose from:


Graph type 1

This type of graph allows you to compare two Queries with each other and create a stacked bar graph to see the comparison. This is used for comparing any 2 queries for a simple 1 vs 1 comparison.



Graph Type 2:

This graph type allows you to breakdown a Query based on 3 options: attributes values, teams or forms. This create a simpler graph to Graph type 1 but with the ability to stack up to to 10 options. This is useful when comparing different attribute values, forms or teams



Graph Type 3:

This graph type allows you to measure any 2 queries(similar to graph type 1) but over a specific time period. This create a Line graph for the time period selected. This option is only available for 2 Queries. This is useful when seeing how the values change over time compared to each other.



To be able to access this new benchmarking feature, you will need to go into a PDF report and choose Benchmarking report in the Data source options here:

Once selected, you can choose the KPI you are benchmarking and then select Questions in the dropdown if NPS or go directly to building queries if benchmarking the Satisfaction Ratio KPI.


Then select a query that you are trying to measure and compare it with either another Query (with or without Time period) or Breakdown that Query By different surveys, teams or attributes.

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