Version 1.10.20 - 7th of July 2022

Quick release for this one with some interesting features

PDF Branding on a Team Level: Customising PDF reports with branding is a very useful option in Feedier. Previously you had the ability customise this for all reports on a Organisation Level but now you can on a Team Level. This means for every use case or client within the team can have their own branding and create customised reports for them.

New Email Campaign Improvements:

The email campaign has had a makeover. We have simplified the email campaign so whether you are making a campaign with a single Step or 24 Steps. You can do it all in one place in the campaign builder:

We have also changed the way you schedule the campaigns. On the main campaign you can define the interval days and conditions as you did in the past. However for scheduling the date of the campaign you do for each recipients group you upload to the campaign. So when uploading a recipients group you will be shown an option to choose the date and also you can choose which step of the campaign you want that group to start from.

You can continue adding more recipients to each campaign this way or if needed you can always duplicate a campaign to keep them separate.


Our aim is to make sending pushes even easier and more flexible, so we will have more updates coming to this soon.

Email Attribute shown on the Attributes Page:

We have also added the email attribute on the Attributes page on the main navigational tab


KPI Metrics Maths

In our Operational KPI module you can display KPIs from different questions in your feedback data. Using the manual option you have the ability to use variables to show information such as Feedback count, Total Skipped Question or Attribute numeric values.


Now in the manual options we have added even more option as shown in the list below. These option not only work as individual metrics but can be enhanced into clever and complex formulas using arithmetic operations such as / + - *.

New Actions JIRA Integration: And lastly we have a new integration in build in the dashboard for Jira

Jira is used by many companies to manage their tickets/issues for the development cycle. Now with this new integration we can collect feedback via Feedier and then create a ticket for that Feedback directly within Jira using our Actions module.

Once you have added the details shown above to connect your Jira account. Every time a Feedback matched a segment you a new Jira ticket will be created automatically for you. The ticket will contain the Feedback number, Satisfaction Ratio and Question answers from the feedback.

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