Version 1.11.0 - 12th August 2022

Big new update for us at Feedier as we launch the phase 1/3 of our Text Analysis features !!

We have launched an updated version of the Text Analysis page to make it easier to get insights from your text responses.

We have separated the page into a few key sections;

Key Ranking Table: This table shows you the top ten keywords with the most frequency that appeared in all your text responses. It also show you the Satisfaction Ratio Score, Sentiment Analysis and Total count for each keyword.

Keyword Cloud: Similar to the word cloud we had for each question in the past but here we have 1 consolidated keyword cloud that can be used for specific forms, questions etc or for getting a global view of all your keywords.

Text Answers: This column shows you all the Text responses you have received. It can be filtered to show answers from specific keyword by clicking on the keyword or using the search bar above to look for specific keywords in the


We have more phases of improvement coming to the Text Analysis page soon.


-Team Feedier



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