Version 1.11.5 - 10th November 2022

N ew update to share from this and past sprints in the last month:

Improvements to the Attributes page:

We have update the Attributes Page under the Profile tab to have a better display for your attributes and also the ability to add NEW attributes in the system. This can come in handy when creating rules for attributes that might not exist in your data yet.

Generating Multiple PDF reports using Attributes:

Our clients using attributeds to customise the Live PDF reports so they can share the right report to the right person. However when creating lots of PDF reports for different stakeholders sometimes you want the same report but custimosied for each stakeholders. For example image you have your feedback data organised by attribute= Restaurantname and you have over 50 resutants and you would like to send them a personalised report for their restaurnt.


This is not possible with Feedier (and FAST)

  • Create the report you would like to share by adding all the necessary graphs

  • Save the Report (i.e Restaurant Monthly Template)

  • Go to Share button and press Generate Multiple Reports


  • Then choose the correct attribute and press Download


And then you will have a CSV file that is downloaded with a row for each value in that attribute and a customised link to their unique report.


Made with love by the team