Version 1.11.13 - 31st March 2023

We're excited to announce the release of Version 1.11.13 of Feedier! This version includes a range of new features and improvements designed to enhance your user experience and improve the performance of our platform.

Remove attributes from feedback

Admin and staff users are now able to add and remove attributes from feedback data giving them more control over insights extracted from the feedback. Attributes can be added from multiple sources and they will be visible on each feedback modal. To delete an attribute, hover on the attribute value and click the delete button.

Now you can link a Segment with a PDF report. When a PDF report is created from a Segment, it is automatically linked. This means that when you edit, update or delete a filter from the PDF report you have the option of updating this directly on the Segment as well.

In case the link is no longer needed, you can unlink the segment and the PDF. Any further change to the segment’s FQL will not trigger an automatic update to the report.

Easier SSO URL management

Feedier already supports SSO login, this new feature makes it easier to find your sso login url so that you can add it to your authentication provider. To find your SSO url, go to Organization > SSO settings and copy the SSO link.

Improvements to the Email notifications and assignments functionalities

When you create an email alert action you are now able to trigger a new report type called 'Daily Report as shown below in addition to the weekly and monthly options empowering your teams to act even faster. This is sent everyday at

We’ve also separated Send instant email notification and ownership assignment to allow for a more fine grained approach. Subscribe certain users in your team to notifications only while assigning the action to others.

For more customization, you are now able to change the footer text content in emails sent by Feedier. Go under organization > Other Settings > Custom Email Footer


Support for Ukrainian and Japanese for surveys

We’ve added two new locales for surveys, Ukrainian and Japanese strings. Use the content editor from the survey options to provide translations.

Quick rank attribute values based on the highest & lowest

When creating the Benchmarking report and using the Breakdown by Attribute options you now have the ability to Quick rank the values for the Highest or Lowest using 2 buttons as shown above. This allows you to easily find the values that have the data you need without manually searching the dropdown.

You can still customised this by removing or adding other values that you want to include in the graphs.


-Team Feedier

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