Version 2.0.0 - 26th May 2023

We are excited to introduce the new Feedier 2.0 ! This version is our first step in our pivot towards becoming a Next Gen AI Intelligence Platform. Our vision is to help our clients better understand their end users experience by integrating business data and customer data to form a full picture of your business experience (BX).

New Design & UI

Exciting changes on the Design & UI of our product, we have updated our brand colour, UI and font aimed at providing a modern and fresh look to enhance your user experience.

New Dashboard Design


Reorganisation of Sections:

Reorganisation of sections within our platform, aimed at improving navigation.

Categorized the "Survey" feature under "Sources", this categorization allows will make a more organized, centralized and intuitive approach to accessing all the feedback sources.

We've rebranded the "Actions" page to "Automations" to better reflect what it does - offering automated actions based on feedback insights.
Plus, we've combined the "Segments," "Automations," and "Journeys" pages into one unified page called "Actions". This makes it way easier to navigate and manage your segments, automations, and customer journeys from one centralized location.

New Reports Section

We've made some changes to the "Saved Reports" section on our platform. Now, instead of being on the home dashboard, it has its own dedicated page. This makes it super easy to manage and access all your saved reports in one place. We hope this makes it easier for you to find and work with all your valuable insights.


We've made it way easier for you to organize your reports! Now you can categorize and structure your reports in folders based on specific teams or projects, all from the Saved Reports page. We hope these changes make it a breeze for you to find and work with all your valuable reports.

Master Reports:
You can now generate comprehensive reports effortlessly with our "Master PDF Reports" functionality. You can even convert any standard Saved Report into Master PDF report, that can be efficiently distributed across all your teams.

Also a Master PDF report can be used an template to create more reports much faster.

Once a report template is marked as Master, it's accessible on all accounts and can be utilised by all users. This ensures efficient distribution and enables teams to leverage these templates for consistent reporting across various projects and subteams.


Offline mode:

You can now collect feedback even without an internet connection! Our Offline Mode allows you to use your form completely offline, ensuring that no feedback opportunities are missed, regardless of the availability of internet connectivity. And don't worry about losing any feedback - when offline, the feedbacks are saved locally on your device, ensuring they are securely stored until an internet connection becomes available. We hope this feature makes it easier for you to capture feedback on the go and never miss a beat.

View page :

We've created a dedicated page for our "Views" feature within the "Profile" section. This change is an improvement one as we will be continuing to improve this features in the coming sprints. With this dedicated page, you can efficiently create personalised dashboards that are filtered based on the criteria in each view.

In the near future we will allow you to further customise the dashboard using this views feature where you will have the ability to add specific graphs into this space. We hope this new feature makes you helps to get to your customised insights much faster.

Ability to stop scheduled emails campaigns

Now, you have the flexibility to cancel a scheduled campaign directly within the Feedier platform, so you don't have to worry about unwanted or poorly timed recipient contacts. This feature eliminates the need for manual intervention from customer support to stop the campaign, making it super easy for you to halt the campaign and prevent unintended recipient contacts.

Keep in mind this will not delete any pushes that have already been sent from the dashboard and you will still be able to see this data easily.



-Team Feedier

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