Version 2.0.2 - 6th July 2023

We are excited to introduce the new Feedier 2.0.2 ! This version comes with great upgrades in several features.

Custom Ownership Statuses

Ownership Status is a very important feature Feedier has, helping you to add a status to each feedback so you can see the actions expected of your team in each scenario and resolve them as they come in. This will allow you to have the opportunity to align the platform with your internal SLAs and create workflows to make every feedback actionable.

Now to take that further, we are introducing the ability for Team Admins to update the names of Ownership Status to align with your internal processes and preferences. With this update, you can customize the Ownership Statuses according to your specific requirements.

Navigate to: Users and Teams => Edit Team

This feature is going to be aligned with the functionalities in which Ownership Statuses can be used:

  1. Feedback Page: The customized Ownership Status names will be displayed in each feedback status on the Feedback Page, allowing you to easily identify and track the progress of feedback items based on your customized label.

    Once you select the status, the statuses are updated


2. Ownership Page: The Ownership Page will also reflect the modified Ownership Status names, ensuring clear and accurate tracking of feedback assignments within your organization.

3. Filters in “Search button” on Segment: Customized Ownership Statuses will be automatically incorporated into the Filters section of the “Search button”. This means you can easily filter and segment feedback based on your preferred ownership status labels.

Topics now accessible in the Activity Chart

We are glad to announce that we've made great improvements in our Activity Chart displayed by sentiment for each topic. By displaying the selected topic name, you can now have a customizable sentiment selection where you can choose which sentiment you prefer to see, you can choose the quantity you wish!

How can you access an activity graph displayed by sentiment.

1. Display the graph by sentiment

2. Choose the topic you want to see the sentiment

3. Choose the sentiments you want to see, the Overall Average is the average of the sentiments.

4. See updated Graph


Add average sentiment score and order filter on text response graph within the Live PDF report

We have implemented the following design and functionality changes in the Text Answers report inside the Live PDF reports:

  1. Average Sentiment Score Display: The updated Text Answer report now includes the average sentiment score. This valuable information allows you to gain an overview of the sentiment distribution within the text responses, facilitating a deeper understanding of the sentiment trends and patterns.

  2. Sentiment Sorting Options: With the improved Text Answer report, you now have the ability to sort sentiments from lowest to highest or vice versa. This feature empowers you to quickly identify the sentiments that are most prevalent or outliers within your feedback data.

Survey Archiving

With the new Survey Archiving feature, you now have the ability to archive surveys that are no longer in use, effectively removing them from the surveys page in the normal view. By archiving surveys, you can keep your surveys page organized and focus on the active surveys that require your attention, without the clutter of outdated or unused ones. Despite this, all the data and that survey still keeps its functionality in the platform.

Steps to archive a survey:


We have implemented a dedicated "Archive" category. When you classify a survey under this category, it will be automatically moved to the archive section, ensuring it is hidden from the main surveys page. This category provides a simple and intuitive way to categorize surveys that are no longer active, but whose data you still need to access when required.

To unarchive it you have to:


-Team Feedier

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