Version 2.0.3 - 27th July 2023

We are excited to introduce the new Feedier 2.0.3 ! This version comes with great upgrades in Surveys and Text Analysis page.

Text Analysis 4.0

We are excited to introduce Text Analysis 4.0, with this release, we bring you a fresh and intuitive display of topics, transforming them into dynamic bubbles connected by lines to reveal meaningful relationships. Sub topics are now seamlessly integrated within their parent topics, making analysis more streamlined. This map will show more information of each topic since topic have coloured borders which represent the sentiment score of it.

The new map is interactive, when selecting a topic the side bar with the Text Answers update to show the information regarding the topic and the map gives you a more accurate view of the topic displaying sub topics in it.

This new Text analysis page doesnt affect functionality of Text Answer and Keyword Ranking tables which are displayed on a side bar in the page.

The improvements are the following:

New Text Analysis Page.

Sub Topic

Sub Topics view.

Topics connected by lines

Size of each topic and coloured border

Side Bar with Text Answer and Keyword Ranking Table



Share Surveys Across Teams

The goal of this development is to add a way way to share Surveys across Teams without following the current Feedier Hierarchy of teams and users. So we have designed Flexible Surveys.  This allows you to share the survey with any team or sub team and cherry pick who sees the surveys & the feedback attached to this survey.  This will give access to the survey to anyone in that team and feedbacks attached. 

You can select all the teams or sub teams you wish.

How to set a Flexible Survey:

Private Surveys

We are thrilled to announce a significant improvement to our survey functionality that will provide you with enhanced data privacy and confidentiality. Our goal is to introduce the option for "Private Surveys," allowing you to mark specific surveys and their associated feedback as private. With this update, you can ensure sensitive information remains confidential by restricting access to the survey and its data from all other users within the organization, except for staff.

When a survey is marked as private, it will be hidden from the dashboard for all other users within the organization, regardless of their team, role, or capabilities. Only the user who marks the survey as private will have access to view it. This implementation is designed to prioritize data privacy and integrity by securely recording private survey information in the database. The only user than can set a survey as private is the creator of the survey.

How to set a Privte Survey:

New Text Answer Filter

Our primary goal is to enable you to filter text responses from ALL feedback without having to specify the exact question(s) at the Team level. This means you can search through all text responses across the board, rather than being restricted to predefined questions or topics. This newfound flexibility opens the door to more extensive data exploration, helping you gain deeper insights between different questions and surveys.

This filter will be present in every “Search” across the platform


-Team Feedier


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